Thursday, 3 December 2009

For those of you who know the story of Hedgie, I have to let you know he was persuaded to follow Shimelle's class and Journal Your Christmas! Quite an undertaking for a very small hedgehog who has never celebrated Christmas, or done any crafting, he has so much to learn, so we will keep it simple!
Here is his opening page and explanation!

Here is his manifesto, the photo shows him struggling with a brush and glue covering his album!
Hedgie has noticed there is always a lot of talk about the weather, but more so about Christmas and something called snow! So he nipped in the travel agent to see if he could escape as he didn't like the sound of it! Alas, he has NO money!


Karen said...

Kathy these are so, so cute and really gorgeous :)

Look forward to seeing Hedgies build up to the festive season & Christmas :)

Samm said...

Love it! Can't wait to see how Hedgies Christmas progresses - how will he cope with all the crowded shops?!
Samm xx

AlliR said...

hahahaha, these LO are great. It's going to be a fab JYC album when it is finished.

Shirley said...

It is lovely to see Little Hedgie enjoying his First Christmas. So pleased he has kept his promise to me to do JYC.
Maybe he needs an allowance Kathy, then by next Christmas he could get away to the sun. LOL
Love the LO's and looking forward to seeing more as we go through December.

Summer Sunflower said...

Well Hedgie has managed more than me with his JYC!!! Well done!!!

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Well done Hedgie on a great start to JYC. Auntie Shirley definitely gave you some scrapping enthusiasm during your stay with her and your visit to ScrapFever too!! looks as if you have taken Mummy's papercraft book she bought with Auntie Lynne???

Debbie said...

This will be a great little album when finished!! Very cute LO's!!