Sunday, 20 December 2009

Day 19 - seems there is a person called Father Christmas, aka Santa. I was persuaded to write a letter to him the other week, posted it too, and here is his reply to me! Does that mean he really exists? Hope this reindeer isn't one to pull the sleigh, he looks a little on the small side!


Karen said...

Oh yes Hedgie Santa certainly does exist so be sure to leave him his mince pie on Christmas Eve :)

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Kathy I am loving your days and Hedgie is certainly being educated LOL!!
Love your Santa nos too, where did you get them?

Shirley said...

Wish I could read what Santa said, I can't help being nosey!!!
Wonder what you wrote to Santa too.
You really are a clever Hedgie I am very proud of you. :o)

Summer Sunflower said...

Love the reindeer and Santa's reply, hope Hedgie gets lots of lovely things for Christmas