Sunday, 22 November 2009

A terrible photo of my lo for week 3 challenge on UKS. We had a sketch to follow, a theme of dark and bright, use ripping, and some unusual material, well I didn't manage the last one! Photo of friends on a day out in Covent Garden!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This is my lo for week 2 challenge on UKS, set by the Bijoux Belles. We had a sketch to follow, a theme of something mini, use primary colours and circles. Photo is dgs1 with his work bench!

Did this lo at crop last Sunday, lots of cutting of flowers and sticking them on foam pads to layer but pleased with the result. Photo is of dd1 and 2 waiting in the cold at the TV awards last year.

This is very similar to the lo I did a few weeks ago, need versions for each of the girl's albums.

Another similar one, again two albums to do. Decided to do these A4 size and try to use old stash and odds and ends.

Monday, 9 November 2009

My sister's grandchildren in Australia have just been on holiday, so a flurry of photos of them having fun!

Another little tag book of old family photos done for a cousin.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Done for this week's challenge on UKS, Disnet theme, from dd2&3's holiday earlier this year to Florida. Credit crunch, I used all very old stash. Ribbon and buttons, the latter made from funky foam. Stamping. And no journalling. At last I've made a start on one album for them!

Had to quickly scrap this photo of dd3 taken last Saturday, all dressed up for Halloween!
Still on a mission to use up old stash!

And I finally finished this mini book, all about dd1's day out at the sea for her birthday this year. Not sure if she will keep this one or give it to her friend who took her out, so may have to make another one soon!

Had a lot of photos from my sister recently, so here are a few pages done for her!
My niece's birthday picnic on the beach!

Her dgd1 wanted a fairy themed birthday this year, so got a few good photos for this!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

More tags for 52Q challenge.
44 - what was I doing this time last year?
43 - which is my favourite holiday?

Here is a mini book I made for my dil as a memento of her pet rabbit Winston who had to be put to sleep recently at a grand old age. He was a present from my ds to her in the early days of their relationship, and was a much loved pet!

Two small tag books for my cousins, inside are photos of their parents taken years ago. Unfortunately when their parents were widowed and their lives moved on they got rid of all their photos so the children had no reminders. These photos were in my Mum's albums.