Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day 10, Hedgie was told about wrapping presents, and the array of paper was bewildering! He didn't know where to start! Wait until he tries to use the sellotape!
Day 11 - Trees, ones that stay indoors, with decorations on them! The only redeeming feature Hedgie could see was that there would be lots of glitter, and sparkle! He has definitely fallen for anything bling!
Day 12 - Hedgie has decided there is a lot of shopping and travelling involved in Christmas! He has decided he likes travelling on trains and looking out of the window! And when he gets tired, he just snuggles up in the shopping bag for a nap!


Karen said...

I am just loving Hedgies Journal, its really great :)

Great page LO's, he is very talented Kathy!

Now I wonder where he got the idea about loving bling from, it wouldn't be pink bling as well would it - LOL!!!

Beejay said...

Brilliant LO'S Kath. Enjoying Hedgies adventures.

AlliR said...

hahahaha, he is so much fun. Fab pages Hedgie :-)

Shirley said...

So pleased that Hedgie's loving his bling still.... he seems to be attracted to anything that sparkles...maybe he has a bit of a Magpie in him. LOL
His journal is a joy to read.