Monday, 11 January 2010

Been playing around with digi again! Found a free version of Digital Scrapbook Artist, downloaded it and had some fun! DH had an e mail from Serif, with an offer for the full programme so he has ordered it, told me after the event! Looking forward to it coming as everything I tried to do in the free one said upgrade to full version, so frustrating!

Sorry for the quality of these photos, light very bad over last few days!

Photo of me out on a snowy walk! Recycled snowflakes from a Christmas card!

Photo of dd1 on our snowy walk! Now she is 30+ she sees the sense of hats, gloves and scarves, and even wore my wellie boots!

Here's a photo of dd3's scan photo, and the other photo is her with her current favourite food, methinks cause and effect!


Shirley said...

You have been really busy Kathy, great selection of LO's.
Love the idea of cause and effect!

Minty Magic said...

Gorgeous layouts - love the last one of your daughter and the cheese. I had a thing for Cherry Tango when I was pregnant.

Debbie said...

I had cheesy wotsits for one, raw carrots for another, orange squash for another and cigarettes for another! Explain those cravings!!! I have never been brave enough to scrap my scan photos! Well done though - it is great!

Karen said...

Great selection of LO's and some fabulous photos - they are all great :)