Tuesday, 4 March 2008

365 Challenge

Page 64 - today's prompt immediately brought back memories of Sunday mornings as a child watching my Dad polish his army medals and brass buttons ready for parade. I can still smell the Brasso and silver polish now! I still have all these medals but they are sorely in need of a polish to restore their shine!

Page 63 - I do live one day at a time since having cancer changed my life, I so appreciate things now and make the most of it all! Each day is really precious and I try to make it memorable even with just small things.

Page 62 - Mothers Day, and I was lucky enough to see 3 out of my 4 children today.Though they are all grown and left home I still worry about them, but they know I am here if they need me!


willowthewysp said...

Love your take on the prompt...lots of lovely medals there too:)

Mary B said...

Great photo for the shine one have you got out the brasso yet lol

Beejay said...

Great LOs. Yep love the smell of brasso. Used to have to do my brownie badge.

Shirley said...

Great idea for the "shine" prompt Kath and lovely photo for Mother's day :)