Friday, 1 February 2008

365 Challenge

I really don't do red at all but remembered I had these old books of Mum's on a top shelf in the bookcase, just can't bring myself to dispose of them. They were her favourites from many years ago and have been well read! Suppose it keeps a little bit of her with me all the time!


Beejay said...

Think you have managed to do red fairly well today. Great LO and alovely memory

Shirley said...

Well done on the LO and love the title!
Good memory to put on the LO.
Did you have to climb up to get the photo?

Kay said...

What a lovely LO and a nice way of remembering someone so very special.

Mary B said...

That is a really nice page and for someone who doesn't do red this is very red, well done you